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Why choose BYD genuine parts ?

  1. Aftermarket parts are not regularized or standardized because it is manufactured as a duplicate to genuine parts.
  2. Genuine parts are best in quality than aftermarket parts.
  3. Genuine parts have warranty unlike aftermarket parts which has no Warranty

BYD Genuine parts are better to buy for many reasons:

However, if you weigh your pros and cons and which kind of parts you really need, you can come to the best conclusion yourself. And we can serve you with both kind of parts.

Availability of BYD parts in UAE:

Why choose BYD aftermarket parts ?

BYD aftermarket parts are better to buy for many reasons:

  1. It is more affordable than genuine parts
  2. Some genuine parts are similar to genuine parts itself.
  3. It is readily available because it is equivalently manufactured to genuine parts.
  4. Aftermarket parts can have more manufacturers than genuine parts which can be only from one main manufacturer

5 ways you can find parts for your car.

There are 5 ways you can try finding spare parts for your car.

Traditional way its pros and cons

You find a spare parts shop nearby and go and purchase and the work is done. In this case, the pros is that you find nearby shop to have similar brands you have and thats it you purchase it with ease. But the cons is when you don't find the nearby shop to have the car brand which you are using. There are shop who only deal with certain parts like the shop A sells only in honda, Mazda, BMW and shop B sells only Audi, Lincoln and Ferrari. So to see for next option, you can opt for shopping from Giant E-commerce company like Amazon, EBay, Flipkart etc.

Giant E-commerce Company its pros and cons:

If you don't find spare parts nearby your house location, generally we move on to search on internet. You search for top companies selling spare parts online and you end up in giant e-commerce company like Amazon, Flipkart,Ebay etc. Now you see the review of person who has already ordered spare parts. Most of the reviews says the parts were broken. These giant company has a very big logistics that they are vulnerable to be broken during or even get lost during the check-in process. So it is not always safe to buy spare parts from giant e-commerce company. Hence we see for other option which is the Local dealers.

Local Dealers

Local dealers are known through other person like through friends and family. Or he gives you his business card and he explains you directly the car brands he deals with. However with the current digital advancement, the local dealers are decreasing gradually. So we move to the next option to search on online marketplace.

Online Marketplace (Only CONS!)

Through Online marketplace we find spare parts for our car easily. But it also has lots of cons. If you search for very latest model used spare parts, it will not be available on marketplace. In this case you have to contact the car brand company directly. If you search for very old model, it will not be available with most of the car brands company itself. And also there are more spam issues reported from those who purchase from small vendor marketplace and also the larger companies. In this case you should go for Online dealer website.

Online Dealer Website ONLY PROS!

Online dealers website is the easiest way to order spare parts. You visit a bunch of site online and submit your inquiries therein and dealers will contact you back through the contact information you submitted. If one website didnt reply you, then other website will do. So there is plenty of website and options. is one such website which accept online inquiries. It deals with parts and accessories for honda accord, Honda civic and other honda models, Infiniti models, BMW models, Audi models and many other brands. Visit to search parts you need.
**Model not found above? Get in touch with us >>** is the online Dealers specialist in BYD spare parts. We find pleasure is finding the best genuine (otherwise called OEM parts) and aftermarket parts for any cars. We have experienced professional who can find the parts at affordable and reasonable price. We deal in genuine BYDparts and aftermarket BYD parts such as engine parts, mechanical parts, electrical and electronic parts, body parts and lights, AC parts and service and maintenance parts. You can order BYD spare parts by simply submitting the online inquiry form here. You can get callback or whatsapp chat or email after submitting your form inquiry.

Availability of BYD parts in UAE:

Popular Used, Genuine and Aftermarket BYD spare parts for sale in UAE


BYD anti lock braking systemInquire Now
BYD Air Filter

BYD air filterInquire Now
BYD Air Suspension

BYD Air suspensionInquire Now
BYD Axle

BYD axleInquire Now
BYD Brake Pads

BYD brake padsInquire Now
BYD Catalytic Convertor

BYD catalytic convertorInquire Now
BYD Cylinder Head

BYD cylinderInquire Now
BYD Distributor

BYD distributorInquire Now
BYD Engine

BYD EngineInquire Now
BYD Exhaust Manifold

BYD exhaust systemInquire Now
BYD Gearbox / Transmission

BYD gearboxInquire Now
BYD grill

BYD grillInquire Now
BYD Headlight

BYD headlight bulbInquire Now
BYD Master Cylinder

BYD master cylinderInquire Now
BYD Mud Flaps

BYD mud flapsInquire Now
BYD Radiator

BYD radiatorInquire Now
BYD Rear Bumper

BYD rear bumperInquire Now
BYD Reverse Light

BYD reverse lightInquire Now
BYD Rims

BYD Rims for saleInquire Now
BYD Seat Belt

BYD seat beltInquire Now
BYD Shock Absorber

BYD shock absorberInquire Now
BYD Mirror

BYD mirrorsInquire Now
BYD Steering Wheel

BYD steering wheelInquire Now
BYD wheels

BYD wheelsInquire Now
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List of Genuine and Aftermarket BYD spare parts in UAE

BYD AC Compressor parts
BYD AC Condenser parts
BYD AC Condenser Cooling Fan parts
BYD AC Controls parts
BYD AC Evaporator parts
BYD AC Evaporator Housing parts
BYD AC Selector parts
BYD Air Bag Assembly parts
BYD Air Bag Control Module parts
BYD Air Bag Detector parts
BYD Air Cleaner Assembly parts
BYD Air Flow Meter parts
BYD Air Injection Pump parts
BYD Air Ride Compressor parts
BYD Air Ride Control Module parts
BYD Alternator parts
BYD Antenna (Electric) parts
BYD Antenna (Manual) parts
BYD Anti-Lock Brake Control Module (ABS) parts
BYD Anti-Theft Control Module parts
BYD Axle Assembly (Front, 4WD) parts
BYD Axle Assembly (Rear) parts
BYD Axle Beam (Front, 2WD) parts
BYD Axle Beam (Rear, FWD, Complete) parts
BYD Axle Shaft parts
BYD Back Glass parts
BYD Backup Light parts
BYD Battery parts
BYD Bed (Pickup) parts
BYD Bell Housing parts
BYD Belt Tensioner parts
BYD Blower Motor parts
BYD Body Control Module (BCM) parts
BYD Brake Booster parts
BYD Bumper Assembly (Front) parts
BYD Bumper Assembly (Rear) parts
BYD Bumper Cover (Front) parts
BYD Bumper Cover (Rear) parts
BYD Bumper Shock parts
BYD Cab Clip parts
BYD Caliper parts
BYD Camshaft parts
BYD Carburetor parts
BYD Carrier Assembly parts
BYD Cassette Player parts
BYD CD Changer parts
BYD CD Player parts
BYD Chassis Control Module parts
BYD Clock parts
BYD Coil (Ignition) parts
BYD Coil Spring (Front) parts
BYD Coil Spring (Rear) parts
BYD Column Shift Lever parts
BYD Column Switch parts
BYD Computer (ECU, ECM) parts
BYD Console parts
BYD Control Module parts
BYD Convertible Top parts
BYD Convertible Top Motor parts
BYD Coolant Reservoir parts
BYD Cooling Fans Assembly (Rad. & Cond.) parts
BYD Cornering Light parts
BYD Cowl parts
BYD Crankshaft parts
BYD Cruise Control Module parts
BYD Cylinder Block parts
BYD Cylinder Head parts
BYD Dashboard Assembly parts
BYD Dashboard Pad parts
BYD Decklid parts
BYD Decklid Pull Down Motor parts
BYD Differential Assembly (Front) parts
BYD Differential Assembly (Rear) parts
BYD Differential Case parts
BYD Distributor parts
BYD Door Assembly (Front) parts
BYD Door Assembly (Rear or Back) parts
BYD Door Glass (Front) parts
BYD Door Glass (Rear) parts
BYD Door Handle (Inside) parts
BYD Door Handle (Outside) parts
BYD Door Lock Control Module parts
BYD Door Motor (Power Slider|Tailgate, Van) parts
BYD Door Switch parts
BYD Door Vent Glass (Front) parts
BYD Door Vent Glass (Rear) parts
BYD Door Vent Glass Regulator (Front) parts
BYD Door Window Control Module parts
BYD Door Window Motor (Front) parts
BYD Door Window Motor (Rear) parts
BYD Door Window Regulator (Front) parts
BYD Door Window Regulator (Rear) parts
BYD Drive Shaft (Front) parts
BYD Drive Shaft (Rear) parts
BYD Driving Light parts
BYD Engine Assembly parts
BYD Engine Block parts
BYD Engine Control Module (ECU, ECM) parts
BYD Engine Mount parts
BYD Engine Oil Cooler parts
BYD Engine Wiring Harness parts
BYD Exhaust Manifold parts
BYD Fan Blade parts
BYD Fan Clutch parts
BYD Fan Control Module parts
BYD Fender (Front) parts
BYD Fender (Rear) parts
BYD Flywheel parts
BYD Fog Light parts
BYD Frame (Complete) parts
BYD Frame (Front) parts
BYD Front End Assembly (Nose) parts
BYD Fuel Door parts
BYD Fuel Injection Pump parts
BYD Fuel Pump parts
BYD Fuel Sending Unit parts
BYD Fuel Tank parts
BYD Fuse Box parts
BYD Glove Box parts
BYD GPS Control Module parts
BYD GPS Screen parts
BYD Grille parts
BYD Hard Top parts
BYD Harmonic Balancer (Crank Pulley) parts
BYD Hatchback parts
BYD Hatchback Glass parts
BYD Header Panel Assembly parts
BYD Headlight Assembly parts
BYD Headlight Bezel|Door parts
BYD Headlight Control Module parts
BYD Headlight Motor parts
BYD Headlight Switch (Auto Headlamps) parts
BYD Heads Up Display parts
BYD Heater Controls parts
BYD Heater Core parts
BYD Hood parts
BYD Hood Hinge parts
BYD Hood Piston|Strut parts
BYD Horn parts
BYD Hub parts
BYD Hub Cap (Wheel Cover) parts
BYD Ignition Control Module parts
BYD Ignition Switch parts
BYD Information Panel parts
BYD Instrument Cluster (Speedometer) parts
BYD Intake Manifold parts
BYD Intercooler parts
BYD Jack parts
BYD Keyless Entry Control Module parts
BYD Knee Assembly parts
BYD Knuckle (Front) parts
BYD Leaf Spring (Front) parts
BYD Leaf Spring (Rear) parts
BYD Lower Control Arm (Front) parts
BYD Lower Control Arm (Rear) parts
BYD Marker Light (Front) parts
BYD Marker Light (Rear) parts
BYD Mass Air Flow Sensor parts
BYD Master Cylinder (Brake) parts
BYD Master Cylinder (Clutch) parts
BYD Mirror (Rear View) parts
BYD Mirror (Side View, Electric) parts
BYD Mirror (Side View, Manual) parts
BYD Multi-Function Control Module parts
BYD Navigation Control Module parts
BYD Nose (Front End Assembly) parts
BYD Oil Pan (Engine) parts
BYD Oil Pan (Transmission) parts
BYD Oil Pump parts
BYD Oxygen Sensor parts
BYD Owner's Manual parts
BYD Parklight parts
BYD Pickup Bed parts
BYD Pickup Cap|Topper parts
BYD Piston parts
BYD Power Steering Box parts
BYD Power Steering Control Module parts
BYD Power Steering Control Valve parts
BYD Power Steering Pump parts
BYD Proportioning Valve (Brake) parts
BYD Quarter Glass parts
BYD Quarter Panel Assembly parts
BYD Quarter Window Regulator (Rear) parts
BYD Radiator parts
BYD Radiator Cooling Fan parts
BYD Radiator Shroud parts
BYD Radiator Support parts
BYD Radio parts
BYD Rear Clip parts
BYD Relay (Electrical) parts
BYD Reverse Light parts
BYD Rim parts
BYD Ring Gear and Pinion parts
BYD Rocker Panel parts
BYD Roll Bar parts
BYD Roof Assembly parts
BYD Roof Glass parts
BYD Roof Rack parts
BYD Rotor (Brake, Front) parts
BYD Rotor (Brake, Rear) parts
BYD Running Board parts
BYD Seat (3rd Row or Bed, Wagon|Van|SUV) parts
BYD Seat (Front) parts
BYD Seat (Rear or 2nd Row) parts
BYD Seat Belt parts
BYD Seat Belt Motor parts
BYD Seat Belt Track parts
BYD Seat Control Module parts
BYD Seat Track (Front) parts
BYD Security System Control Module parts
BYD Shifter Assembly (Floor) parts
BYD Shock Absorber parts
BYD Slave Cylinder (Clutch) parts
BYD Soft Top parts
BYD Spare Tire (with Rim) parts
BYD Spare Tire Carrier parts
BYD Speaker parts
BYD Speedometer Cluster parts
BYD Spindle (Front) parts
BYD Spoiler (Front) parts
BYD Spoiler (Rear) parts
BYD Starter parts
BYD Steering Box parts
BYD Steering Column parts
BYD Steering Rack parts
BYD Steering Wheel parts
BYD Strut Assembly (Front) parts
BYD Strut Assembly (Rear) parts
BYD Stub Axle (Rear) parts
BYD Sun Visor parts
BYD Sunroof Assembly parts
BYD Sunroof Glass parts
BYD Sunroof Motor parts
BYD Supercharger parts
BYD Suspension Assembly (Rear, Independent) parts
BYD Suspension Control Module parts
BYD Suspension Crossmember (K-Frame) parts
BYD Tailgate parts
BYD Tailgate Glass parts
BYD Tailgate Window Regulator parts
BYD Taillight parts
BYD Temperature Control Module parts
BYD Temperature Controls parts
BYD Third Brake Light parts
BYD Throttle Body Assembly parts
BYD Timing Cover parts
BYD Tire parts
BYD Torsion Bar parts
BYD Traction Control Module parts
BYD Trailer Hitch parts
BYD Trailing Arm parts
BYD Transfer Case Adapter parts
BYD Transfer Case Assembly parts
BYD Transfer Case Control Module parts
BYD Transfer Case Shift Motor (Electric Shift) parts
BYD Transmission Assembly parts
BYD Transmission Control Module parts
BYD Transmission Torque Converter parts
BYD T-Top parts
BYD Turbocharger parts
BYD Turn Signal Light parts
BYD Upper Control Arm (Front) parts
BYD Upper Control Arm (Rear) parts
BYD Vacuum Pump parts
BYD Valance (Front) parts
BYD Valance (Rear) parts
BYD Valve Cover parts
BYD Voltage Regulator parts
BYD Washer Fluid Reservoir parts
BYD Washer Motor (Front) parts
BYD Washer Motor (Rear) parts
BYD Water Pump parts
BYD Wheel parts
BYD Wheel Cover (Hub Cap) parts
BYD Windshield parts
BYD Wiper Arm parts
BYD Wiper Motor (Front) parts
BYD Wiper Motor (Rear) parts
BYD Wiper Transmission parts
BYD Brake Pads parts
BYD Bonnet parts
BYD Spark Plug parts
BYD Toe Arms parts
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